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An Innovation Among Organic Farmers Could be More Widely Used
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Fly Screens Give A Hassle-free Solution To Protect Homes From Insect-Borne Diseases
Aside from changeable weather conditions, the recent global weather changes have led to other issues. The fact is, the unexpected shift in climatic conditions is being held responsible for the increased insect-borne diseases in most areas around the globe.

The Seasons and Your Home Heating and Air Conditioning
Winter, spring, summer and autumn are seasons that bear different consequences to the home environment That is why, many families consider it a high priority to have a Heating and Air Conditioning system installed in their homes to keep their house temperature bearable and regulated accordingly to the climate

South Florida and Upper Gulf in 2010 Hurricane Forecast Bulls Eye, Says Leading Climate Cycles Expert
David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO), says extreme south Florida from near Miami and Naples - southward through the Florida Keys is at high risk for multiple landfalls and a major category 3 or greater hurricane this year. GWO's hurricane model is tracking 5 similar climate cycles that have occurred during the past 100 years, with 4 of 5 cycles producing major hurricanes in the Keys or extreme south Florida, and a high hurricane risk for the upper Gulf States from Central Louisiana eastward into the western Panhandle of Florida.

WSI Announces WSI STAR System
Weather Authority Introduces New Severe-Weather-Status Tool for Wind Farm & Utilities Operators

Princess Cruises Named 'Weather Cruise Ship Company of the Year' by NOAA
Ships Assist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with Global Weather Readings

WSI and Enva Partner on WindCast™ IQ
Weather Authority and Power Market Analyst Group Launch First Wind Generation Forecasting Service Designed for Energy Traders

Satcom Direct Launches SD Flight Tracker
Satcom Direct announces launch of global flight tracking solution SD Flight Tracker, delivering precise aircraft positioning via Inmarsat, Iridium, VHF, and broadband networks

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